So, a girls weekend to see a dear friend had a little excitement when we heard a pop come from under the hood of the van. After considering all our options, the van was towed to this place and let me tell you, excellent excellent service! New battery and they drove it back to where we were eating and we were on our way! Thank you, Morgan Collision and Tire Center!
Laura Penner : Customer

As printed in The Mail-Sun: I want to send a big thank you to several of the wonderful people in Sheldon for going above and beyond to help my daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson. On July 9, one of the hottest days of the year, they were driving home to Omaha, NE, after an enjoyable weekend in Okoboji and their van quit. No day is a good day for that to happen – especially a Sunday afternoon. We are so grateful to Todd Wood, the policeman who came to their aid with kindness and reassurance; to Ryan Music and Rich Morgan at Morgan's Tire for getting it towed and repaired; to Paula Morgan, who took phone calls back and forth; and to the sweet gal at the register at the McDonald's/Sheldon Plaza. Thank you dearly for your kindness.
Margaret Fenton : Sioux City

As printed in The Mail-Sun: Sometimes when things are going right we begin to take for granted those that are there for us when things don't go as planned. On May 4, I was traveling in the Sheldon area on business. Usually, when I am in the area on business I do not have time to get to know the town, its businesses or its people. But, on that Thursday, things did not go right for me and I had an opportunity to meet some of the nicest people within your community. I am speaking of the folks at Morgan Collision & Tire, Inc. To make a long story short, I was about halfway between Sheldon and Orange City when I experienced some car trouble. After several Google searches and phone calls, I found Morgan Collision & Tire, Inc. I regret I cannot remember the names of those I spoke with to give them the credit they deserve, but each of them was very helpful as they worked together to get me back on the road. It began with the woman that answered the phone and answered all my questions. The tow truck operator was friendly and efficient. The mechanics were quick to diagnose and repair the problem with my car. I had a three-hour drive from Sheldon to my home, so I was hopeful to at least get a diagnosis quickly so I could make plans if the repairs would not be able to be made yet that day. But, fortunately, the repairs were not serious. The team at Morgan's had me back on the road in less time than I expected to get the diagnosis. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the service I received. But it wasn't just the way the treated me. As I waited I watched several other customers being treated with courtesy and respect as their needs were met. I just wanted to remind you, and your readers, what a treasure you have in this local business. I could not express my gratitude enough.
Russell Belz : Ames, IA

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